Our Philosophy

Le Service de Garde Les Copains offers students of the Rose-des-Vents school organized activities and free games in French.

We are committed to providing a warm and safe environment and activities that promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical development that values inclusiveness, multiculturalism, interdependence and respect.

Our educators also have a responsibility to ensure the harmonious development of children, socially, psychologically, linguistically and physically.

It is important for our team to stimulate, supervise and intervene in social interactions between children in order to help them keep and improve their relationships.

Thanks to the varied and complementary competences of the educators, we adapt our interventions to the different stages of the children's development from Kindergarten to Grade 6.


For example, here are several initiatives in place:

  • Graduate program for the integration of kindergartens at the beginning of the school year with a follow-up throughout the year, in order to offer the children a gentle and supervised departure
  • Renewed Program for Major (Grades 5-6) and New Special Events for All Ages
  • Active and personalized support for children with special needs