Teacher : Gregorian Zasempa

Gregorian studied acting in Lyon (France) for 4 years and he became a professional actor before coming to Canada.
He collaborated with Georges Montillier (French comedy), Carlo Boso (Commedia dell'arte) and Micheline Dax.
While having fun, your child will improve his posture, his way of speaking and his ease on stage. He will discover how to create a story and characters.
He will develop its listening, its concentration as well as its physical and oral expression. Finally, he will learn how to create a group theatre project with the help of all the other participants.
Acting classes are taught with respect and kindness, they are adapted to the rhythm and the personality of the child.
One or two performances are planned during the year, depending on the age of the child.

The trimester costs $ 152 / one class per week

The trimester costs $ 192 / two classes per week